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From instructor aids to teams sports equipment to balls and more, Wsports is proud to carry a full range of products to keep the kids in your physical education program having fun and being active!
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Digital Kids Jump Rope 7 Ft
Item #JF60-0869
What better way for kids to exercise and have fun at the same time 7' length is perfect for kids and the counter on the rope makes... More Details
Was:    $17.99
Padded Grip Push-Up Bars
Item #JF20-0614
Deluxe oversided padded grip push up bars. Non-skid feet for security. Excellent workout for chest. Great for triceps and shoulder... More Details
Was:    $19.99

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Omnikin® 40"-48" Replacement Bladder
Item #1071450A
Replacement bladder for 40" and 48" Omnikin® balls. More Details

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Omnikin® Multicolor Ball
Item #24632XXXA
These bright, ultra-light (less than 3 lbs.) big balls are similar to traditional... More Details
$204.54 - $276.03

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Institutional Roller Racer
Item #742XXXXXA

Unique riding toy propelled by simply moving the handlebars from side to side. Very safe, no... More Details


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Replacement Nozzle
Item #Z150NAAT14A
Replacement nozzle for All Sport Ball Inflator/Deflator. More Details

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Omnikin 2.5 Hp Inflator
Item #24630XXXA

Made of lightweight, durable plastic and won't rust. Comes with 3 handy adapters, double handles, and an easy to use on/off... More Details


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8' Jumbo Beach Ball
Item #1255751A

Kids have a big imagination and this giant, multicolor ball will bring out their best. This 8' diameter vinyl beach ball is... More Details


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Cageball Bladder
The bladders are produced with strong, durable vinyl, plus sonic welded seams to withstand institutional wear and tear. More Details
$21.18 - $195.04
Was:    $159.99

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Nylon Cageball -Complete-
These colorful super duty nylon cageballs are built to take multi-player action. The bladders... More Details
$38.04 - $264.04
Was:    $259.99

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Cageball Cover
$16.04 - $147.44
Was:    $139.99

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All Sport Ball Inflator / Deflator
Best used with large play balls up to 30" in diameter. Not for use with Omnikin® balls. Includes 3/4 Peak HP (75 CFM) 4.5... More Details

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Poof® Foam Power Spiral Football
Item #3163XXXXA
This unique design makes it even easier to throw, and the ribbed channels make it easier to grip and... More Details
Was:    $13.99

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Enduro Series Playground Balls
Our toughest most durable playground ball! Ideal for team management and sequencing identification. These balls are nylon... More Details
$4.40 - $7.44
Was:    $7.49

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High Density Foam Ball
Excellent for practice. Flight characteristics similar to real balls. More Details
$9.74 - $24.04
Was:    $27.99

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Voit® Tuff Ball
Item #44004XXXA
Soft and squeezable, Voit Tuff Balls are also built to last. Intended for both playground and indoor use. Coated foam balls are... More Details
$8.69 - $20.43
Was:    $24.99

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Foam Tennis Trainer
Slower than regular tennis balls to allow for a tactically based game. Slightly larger than real tennis balls, making them easier... More Details
$3.37 - $4.23

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Playground Ball
Our traditional favorite. The most widely used playground ball in the country! Please specify color where applicable. More Details
$3.99 - $11.04
Was:    $15.99

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Color My Class® 8" P.G. Sof's™
Item #1064957A
P.G. Sof's are roto-molded from foamed vinyl and combine the best features of traditional rubber playground balls and coated foam... More Details
Was:    $36.99

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Playground Ball
Our traditional favorite. The most widely used playground ball in the country! Each ball sold separately. More Details
$2.95 - $7.05
Was:    $6.99

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Voit® 4-Square Utility Ball
Playground balls are great for activities like catching, passing and bouncing. For kicking, striking or other hard impact... More Details
Was:    $7.29

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48 Ball Rainbow 8 1/2" PG Ball Pack
Item #1233179A

Pack includes forty eight 8.5" playground balls. 8 each Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow.

More Details
Was:    $249.99

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Zoomer Scooterz - Prism Pack
Item #1265293A
16" x 16" scooters feature large 4", durable, all-terrain, ball bearing wheels and safety guards to protect hands and fingers.... More Details
Was:    $329.99

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Foam Hoop Holders
Item #1812XXXXA
Create your own games by snapping hoops or wands on horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, children can practice coordination... More Details

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